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Welcome to the home of Self-Rep Navigators, a hub for connecting self-represented litigants to supportive lawyers and high quality resources both online and offline.


Heather’s Story

Before becoming a lawyer, Heather Hui-Litwin was a client and a self-represented litigant in a lengthy civil lawsuit. She understands the stress and challenges of being a litigant. When she was a self-represented litigant, Heather searched for lawyers who would provide consultations without success. While there are summary advice clinics, these are only offered to those with low income. That left Heather with little choice: either retain a lawyer outright or go through the lawsuit alone with no help.

As a result of her experience, Heather supports limited scope retainer services, where one can hire a lawyer for a specific task, such as a consultation, drafting a document or representation at a specific Court appearance without the cost and commitment of full-blown representation. However, Heather also realizes that the provision of limited scope retainers is a new way of doing things for lawyers, one that has its own challenges.

To address these challenges, Heather set out to start an association for lawyers who offer limited scope retainers. She met her co-founder, trial lawyer Mick Hassell through the AJRN (Access to Justice Research Network). Their goal is that through the association, there will be increasing awareness for lawyers and the public regarding limited scope retainers.



Mick Hassell and Heather Hui-Litwin at the TAG (The Action Group on Access to Justice) Symposium in Toronto, September 2015.


Joel Miller and Mick Hassell with Prof. Julie Macfarlane at NSRLP’s “Bring a Self-Represented Litigant to School Day” at University of Windsor, March 14, 2016

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Heather Hui-Litwin appearing on a panel of self-represented litigants at the”Bring a Self-Represented Litigant to School Day” at Osgoode Hall, March 14, 2016.


Please Bear In Mind

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We are here to help facilitate access to justice when hiring a lawyer for full representation is unrealistic.