The 3 Steps and 6 Parts of Any Case

By Mick Hassell

Litigation and trials can be overwhelming if you lose sight of the big picture.

Keep it simple and bear in mind that any case has 3 steps:

  1. Gathering information;
  2. Processing information; and
  3. Presenting information.

Furthermore, any case has 6 fundamental parts:

  1. Story (theory of the case)
  2. People (witnesses)
  3. Documents and Things (exhibits)
  4. Law of Evidence (what can and can’t be used)
  5. Procedure (how to get your day in Court and what happens at trial)
  6. Substantive Law (the legal test you must you meet)

If you’d like a trial lawyer to break your civil or commercial litigation case down along these lines and guide you through it, please contact Mick Hassell.

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