Heather Hui-Litwin, Co-founder

Heather Hui-Litwin Ph.D.(Chemistry, Univ.Toronto), J.D.(Osgoode)

Co-founder of the Self-Rep Navigators

Lawyer, LL.M.Candidate University of Toronto

Areas of Practice: Civil litigation; contractual disputes; procedural coaching for Superior Court matters; public legal education

Phone: (647) 739-0606

Email: hh@litigation-help.com

Heather is a lawyer and currently a graduate law student. While her practice is focused  on assisting self-represented litigants, her current research project is focused on the challenges of expert evidence.   Heather is passionate about access to justice and legal education for lay people. She was a founding member of the “Law At the Library” program at the Toronto Public Library.   Heather offers private coaching consultations to individuals about the legal process. As a former litigant herself, she realizes that in order to engage with the legal process meaningfully, a litigant ought to understand at least the fundamental principles of our legal system.  Having a basic understanding also helps a litigant to decide how to retain lawyers most effectively under limited scope or unbundled service retainers.

Here are some of the topics that Heather’s private tutorials cover:

  • Overview of all the steps in a lawsuit
  • What are the general steps in a motion, and how motions are different from trials
  • What does “discovery” mean and what to expect
  • How to find the right lawyer or other forms of legal services for your case (besides using Google or the Law Society’s Referral Service)
  • The general steps in a trial
  • What are some of the most basic things you must know about presenting your case (motions are different from trials)
  • What are the different types of legal documents, the purpose behind these documents
  • What is the difference between a legal argument versus just any common sense argument
  • How to do your own legal research on the freely available database CanLII (without referring to your own situation).
  • What self-represented litigants should be wary of in particular

Please visit her website to find out more about her services and useful resources.

Heather is also the coordinator of Law Society of Ontario’s accredited CPD programs for members of the Self-Rep Navigators.

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