Joel Miller

Joel Miller LL.B.

Areas of Practice: Family Law; Coaching Self-represented Litigants

Phone: (416) 639-0894


Miller Family Law Services, (MFLS), is operated by Joel Miller, a long time family law practitioner.  MFLS provides the services offered through The Family Law Coach, a site developed by Joel to provide unbundled services to family law self-reps at fixed fees and available through email or phone.  Designed to bring legal information, advice, document drafting, court room coaching, strategic analysis, straightforward separation agreements, and early neutral evaluation of a family law self-reps to hlepl thjem level the playing field by access to a lawyer from any place, at any time, for a service and at a fixed fee known in advance.  Check out and for how this can help you help yourself.


The Family Law Coach is Canada’s only exclusively on-line service dedicated to offering unbundled services, at fixed fees, to family law self-reps.  Through a menu of services a self-rep can obtain – at a price fixed in advance – a variety of services: Answer Me This (a single email question and answer), Put a Lawyer in Your Pocket (talk to a lawyer for 15 minutes at a time), Pay for an Hour – Get a Month (an unlimited – within reason – number of emails with an experienced family law lawyer), Your Own Court (an early, neutral, evaluation service to give you the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the other party’s case, available to one or both parties) Document Preparation (have a lawyer prepare your documents for you), and a Straightforward Separation Agreement (get the agreement you want without going to a lawyer’s office).  Check out for more.

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