Services for Self-Reps

Self-represented litigants are not limited to only lawyers and paralegals for help. There are other non-lawyer resources that litigants have access to for assistance.


Court Assist

Gordana Stevanovic and Susan Joanis are professional writers/editors with backgrounds in journalism and law, respectively. Together they have formed Court Assist, which is dedicated to helping self-represented litigants get better results in court through strategic use of valuable à-la-carte services. They connect clients with fixed-rate legal advice from experienced professionals, and they can help clients ensure that their documents are well-organized, clear, persuasive, and effective. They work closely with clients to assess which services make sense for them at different points along the way and will continue to support them through what can be a difficult journey.  Please check out their website at Court Assist.



My Support Calculator

Family law litigants should also check out My Support Calculator. This is an online calculator that allows you to calculate child and spousal support. The website is also a great source of information on family litigation, such as how to complete you financial statement, and what documents you need to gather for your case.

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