Helpful Links to Legal Information

The following links are helpful to self-represented litigants. Please note that the information provided here should NOT be taken as legal advice.

The information on this page are highlights taken from the information sheet provided by  Self-Rep Navigator Andrew Sudano, of Shawyer Family Law and Mediation. (

For your convenience, the full document can be downloaded here: Helpful Links for Self-Rep Clients

1) The Family Law Portal – Know Your Rights and Obligations

“The Family Law Portal was created by Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ). This is a free online service that helps Ontario families involved in a separation or divorce by providing them what they need during a difficult life transition.  The website can be found at:

2) Community Legal Education Ontario – Interactive Family Law Flow Charts

“CLEO’s family law interactive flow charts will provide you with information through each stage of the legal process with practical, clear information. You can also click on each stage in the flow chart to obtain additional information about each step which is an invaluable resource. The website is:

3) The Law Society of Ontario – Practice Supports and Resources for Family Law.

“While not as interactive as CLEO’s website, the Law Society of Ontario’s website does provide detailed, though less client friendly, information on the following topics in family law cases:

• How to Prepare an Uncontested Divorce by Simple Application

• How to Prepare an Answer

• How to Prepare a Financial Statement

• How to Bring a Family Law Motion for a Temporary Order in the Superior Court of Justice

• How to Prepare for a Case Conference in the Superior Court of Justice

The website can be found here


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