Photo Gallery

Self-Rep Navigators was first publicly announced at a TAG (Law Society of Upper Canada’s  The Action Group on Access to Justice) conference, September 2015. Mick (2nd from right) was part of a panel of legal professionals talking about limited scope retainers.  (Heather was the photographer!)


Heather was thrilled to accompany Julie Macfarlane and Bernie Mayer at the OBA Awards dinner, where  Julie received the Mundell Medal, April 2016.


Our first LSUC accredited CPD meeting in May 2016.

Bring an SRL to Law School Day, March 2016. Heather was at Osgoode, while Joel and Mick were at Windsor with Julie Macfarlane.




Our first social get-together in the summer of 2016.


Our second annual social in the park, summer 2017. We gained a few additional members after this event!

Sina (middle) at the information fair hosted by FDRIO  (The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario) November 2017. Thanks to Sina for his tremendous contribution at promoting legal education and information to the community, and handing out the Self-Rep Navigator’s flyers!

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