Resources For Lawyers

The following links are helpful to lawyers who are either new to limited scope retainer services, or a seasoned practitioners in this area.

(1) Law Society of Ontario’s Page on limited scope retainer or unbundled services

(2) Law Pro’s Risk management Page

(3) Recent Cases relevant to limited scope retainer services

Meehan v Good, 2016 ONSC 2110 (CanLII)  (Summary Judgement reversed: Meehan v Good 2017 ONCA 103)

Lenz v Broadhurst-Main 2004 CanLII 5059 (ON SC)

Broesky v Lust Broesky v. Lüst, 2011 ONSC 167 (CanLII) (appeal dismissed: Broesky v. Lüst, 2012 ONCA 701 (CanLII))

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