Mick Hassell, Co-founder

Mick Hassell, Civil and Commercial Trial Lawyer

Co-founder of the Self-Rep Navigators

Areas of Practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation and Trials

Location of Practice: Toronto (GTA) based and willing to provide advice across Ontario by telephone.

Phone: (416) 944-2274

Email: mhassell@trialcounsel.ca

Trial consulting for self-represented litigants is available through www.trialcounsel.ca

Mick’s approach to litigation is to keep it simple.  Any case has 3 steps:

  1. Gathering information;
  2. Processing information; and
  3. Presenting information.

Mick breaks cases down into 6 fundamentals and advises self-reps on:

  1. Story (theory of the case)
  2. People (witnesses)
  3. Documents and Things (exhibits)
  4. Law of Evidence (what can and can’t be used)
  5. Procedure (how to get your day in Court and what happens at trial)
  6. Substantive Law (the legal test you must you meet)

Please visit www.trialcounsel.ca for civil and commercial trial consulting

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